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[FAQ] Can you explain how POSIX (or pthreads) works with TI-RTOS (or SYS/BIOS)?

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I'm confused with some of the TI SDKs usage of POSIX in their examples. For example, I see pthread_create all over the place. Is POSIX usage required or optional?

  • Many POSIX functions are supported on top of TI-RTOS kernel (also called SYS/BIOS). The usage is optional. You can even intermix usage of the native TI-RTOS APIs with the POSIX APIs (with some restrictions). Many of the TI-RTOS examples (especially in the SimpleLink SDKs) use POSIX to show portability between TI-RTOS and FreeRTOS.

    Why would you use POSIX instead of the native TI-RTOS APIs?

    • You want to be independent of a specific RTOS
    • You have existing code that uses POSIX
    • You know (and maybe like) POSIX APIs better and don't want to learn another RTOS

    Please note, there will be a footprint overhead for using the POSIX APIs instead of directly using the native TI-RTOS APIs.

    For more information about POSIX support in TI-RTOS, please refer to the "POSIX User Guide" in the docs/tiposix/Users_Guide.html file in the SimpleLink SDK, SYS/BIOS, or Processors SDK products.