Compiler/EVMK2H: DSP master ENET boot mode

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Part Number: EVMK2H

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler


i have been working with the K1 C6678 evm and we have managed to get it up and running with ethernet boot

we would like to do the same with K2H, we are only using the DSP cores, ARM cores are not required and the question is: 

1. Is it possible to boot the K2H exactly the same way we booted the C6678 ? is it possible to not touch the ARM cores at all ?

2. If the answer is yes, i would like to know how to configure the K2H to behave exactly like the c6678 so that our boot process that worked for the c6678 would work here as well 

3. if the answer is no, can anyone point me to the right guids and materials for  Ethernet bootloading on the K2H?



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