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TMS320C6745: emifa frequency

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Part Number: TMS320C6745


i would like to know what is the emifa clock frequency after NOR direct boot , if my  oscin is 25MHz.

  • Ajitha,

    For Direct NOR boot, the bootloader transfers control directly to the secondary bootloader present in NOR Flash by branching to address 0x60000004. I would expect the clock to be at power on reset clock setting with PLL in bypass state which is SYSCLK3 (25MHz/3)

    For quick test, you can connect to the DSP after POR with no image in NOR and connect to the DSP and run the debug GEL file to look at the clock state.




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  • In reply to Rahul Prabhu:

    im not using any iamge file. perhaps i.m simulating the NOR flash Interface.
    As per the boot loader document i could understand that for direct NOR boot the bootloader branches it s control to the address 60000004.
    when i tried i got 60000000 3times followed a sequence of incrementing address from 600000000. is suspect  whether i have entered the configuration word correctly.
    i have placed the LSB (00010000) first followed by MSBs.as the dsp is little endian.

    is it correct?