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AM3359: Cannot get IP in Single EMAC mode

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Part Number: AM3359

Hi All,

I am using TI SDK with kernel vs 4.19.94 (tisdk_am335x-evm-rt_defconfig) on my custom board with CPSW Single EMAC device-tree.

As seen in the attached dmesg log, everything seems proper in point of CPSW, PHY, and MDIO log lines. But I cannot get IP from the DHCP server, and additionally when I set static IP, I cannot communicate with the other devices in the same LAN each other.

A summary for our custom board

  • We have 3 ethernet interfaces. 2 ports of them are used with PRUETH (not enabled for now)
  • and 1 port of them is used as CPSW (enabled in the DTS file)
  • Board has 3 PHY chips with same chip brand/model (KSZ8081MNXIA)
  • CPSW port is related to "PHY Address = 3" as mentioned in the board's scheme file
  • "RMII1_***"  pins of "AM3359BZCZA80" Soc are used for MII bus.
  • PHY Reset is represented as pulldown in the scheme, and I updated it as it is.

May you evaluate the attached logs and advice me on some alternative ways for debugging the network?