AM4378: ARM to PRU event

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Hi Team,

I am trying to configure the PRU to identify the PWM3 interrupt event

Arm is configure to generate an interrupt @ PWM3 timer Period (see below sample code, that assume timer setup has already been performed) and when debugging I see that interrupt MyISR is indeed executed.

I than setup ICSS0 , PRU 0 and enable event 43

CT_INTC.ESR1 = 0x00000800 (bit 11)  and monitor CT_INTC.SECR1 . I'd expect to see bit 11 of SECR1 set, but it doesn't

can you help me figure out what is missing ? 

ARM setup :

setup epwm counters and than :

1) configure the event


2) configure the Hwi

hwi_params.priority = 2;
hwi_params.enableInt = 1;
Hwi_create(epwm_intr, MyISR, &hwi_params, &eb); // epwm_intr == 173

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