Compiler/PROCESSOR-SDK-DRA8X-TDA4X: Application Hang issue in VISS module when AWB node in used

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Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler


I am working with PSDK_06_02_00_21 for TDA4x.

We have been provided with a custom patch over the PSDK_06_02_00_21 for a custom board.

We are working on an application which uses ISPless camera. Hence we have integrated VISS node in the application. 

The application with only VISS node runs fine.

We then added AWB node for Auto White balance. When the application is now executed, it hangs. 

We debugged further to understand the location of hang and found that it gets stuck in VISS node in the function tivxWaitEvent().

There are 2 parameters that are enabled for VISS node when AWB node is enabled which are :

1. a delay object of type tivx_ae_awb_params_t and

2. another object of type tivx_h3a_data_t

Enabling these objects used by AWB node is causing the VISS module to hang at fucntion tivxWaitEvent().

It seems that it is waiting for some event from the driver which is not getting generated. 

Kindly provide more details on the events used by VISS module. Also how could we debug further.


Jyoti Patil

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