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CCS/BEAGLE-3P-BBONE-AI: PRU project creation: can't find board

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The new SDK documentation is more helpful and streamlined from the Wiki, but its generic, or at least in the PRU section as largely relates to the BeagleBone Black.

I'd posted previously about where to find the specific SDK for each chip family, there were family links on each CPU page (such as having AM335x, or AM572x in the path), but now it seams that they all link to the standard SDK page which in the PRU section is AM335x based etc.

My issue is that I'm trying to follow the Hands on labs and create a PRU project for this board.

There is only the list of processors, TI dev board, and then Beaglebone/Beaglebone Black, no BeagleBone AI.

For the moment, do I select IDK_AM572X?  I believe its an industrial communication dev board, so will have a bunch of Ethernets etc on it, and some other ports like SATA, which is very different from the AI, but same processor.

If I have to still select the BeagleBone Black as the board in CCS for the project, that may be ok for PRU binaries, but then I won't have an option to make M4 or C6600 ones I assume.

The main CPU difference between the Black (AM3358) and AI (AM5729) is: 2 extra PRU, 2 additional Cortex M4 (instead of single M3), dual Cortex A15 instead of single A8.  Then more graphics and video encoding etc.



  • Hi,

    AM572x family shared the same code base in SDK. You can reuse the code for AM572x on Beaglebone AI.

    However, the board support library is specific for each board, ie. AM5728 IDK, EVM, and Beaglebone AI.

    RTOS SDK doesn't have board support for Beaglebone AI but Linux SDK includes the board support for Beaglebone AI.



  • In reply to Stanley Liu:

    Hi Stan,

    Ok, so, are you saying that I should select just the chip, not the board?

    How do I view and change board settings to know what is put in a board profile?

    Am I able to make my own board profile? Maybe use the Beaglebone Black profile and change the AM355x for AM572x?



  • In reply to Fisher Grubb:

    If you are trying to create a CCS project, you can start with generic AM572x device.

  • In reply to Stanley Liu:

    Hi Stan,

    Yes, I understand that I could just choose the CPU for the project, but I need to understand why there are both CPU and board options.

    So, why is there both an option for AM355x, and Beaglebone Black? Same with Dev kit for ICE for the AM572x and the CPU?

    If I understand the reasons for this, I'll know what benefits a board profile gives when developing a project.

    Where are these properties files?  If I can understand reasons for choosing a board vs only the CPU, I'll know at what point in the dev cycle I may need to work around it and come up with a useful option.