AM6548: IPC communication performance(latency) issue

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I was testing IPC communication messages latency between R5F cores on AM6548 CPU with very short ping/pong messages, and I spotted that the latency is roughly 1 ms (for a message to go back and forth between the cores). It's pretty high. What causes this and can it somehow be fixed/improved?

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  • Hi,

    Yes, we don't expect 1ms latency, and we measured in the order of few usec.

    Please let me know the setup you are using:

    1. Which SDK version?

    2. I assume you are measuring in RTOS application context, please confirm.

    3. Is it your custom application or with TI provide IPC examples? If custom application, please share pseudo code for you app logic.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • In reply to Sunita Nadampalli:

    Hi Sunita,

    1) It is "PROCESSOR-SDK-RTOS-AM65X" and inside it, there is "pdk_jacinto_07_00_00".

    2) Yes, I am measuring it inside TI-RTOS application context. 

    3) It' custom application, but it based on TI-RTOS IPC ping pong example. Basically, There is an instance of TI-RTOS on the each core, and communication is going on between 2 TI-RTOS threads implementing "IPC server" and "IPC client". Client sends message to the server and then when the message is received, it's processes and a response is sent  back. At the time when client receives response to the previous request, it sends new one, and up until it sends some certain amount of messages.

    Best regards,

    Ostrakovic Mirsad.

  • In reply to Mirsad Ostrakovic:

    Hi Ostrakovic Mirsad,

    Where are the data buffers located? Is it part of the message  payload you are sending to rpmsg?


    Are you carrying the data as a separate buffer and passing only pointer to it in the message payload?

    Thanks & Regards,


  • In reply to Sunita Nadampalli:

    Hi Sunita,

    std::string message = "ping"; 
    int32_t status = RPMessage_send(ipcHandle, ipcDstProc, ipcRmoteEndpoint, ipcMyEndPt, (Ptr)message.c_str(), message.size());

    The code above is basically the one used for sending ping messaged from client to the server. As you can see, the whole message is copied instead of sending just the pointer to it. But, I don't have an idea how that can matter in this concreate example, because sizeof(uinptr_t) is 4 bytes and size of this message is also 4 bytes?

    Nevertheless, for our real application, we are considering sending a message which will contain buffer pointer to the real message, size of that message and some meta data. So at the end each message exchanged via PRMessage will be roughly 16 bytes at the most. Mainly it's due the fact that RPMessages has limited capacity of 256 bytes on AM65x.

    In the mean time, I tried to run TI IPC ping-pong example without any modification (TI-RTOS) and with it I also get the same problem with latency. At the average, there is exchange of only 2000 messages (1000 in one direction and 1000 in other) in a second.


    Mirsad Ostrakovic.