TMS320C6748: How to downgrade CCS5.4 to use BIOS

Part Number: TMS320C6748

I’m trying to reproduce a build setup for a legacy project. The project is built with BIOS and C6x codegen v7.4.24 and we are using CCSv5.4.

I have installed CCSv5.4 which has BIOS 5.42 by default and I’m trying to figure out how to downgrade it to BIOS 5.41. I have installed BIOS on my PC from here, but CCSv5.4 doesn’t know about it and I don’t know how manually force CCS to use that version. I noted that the BIOS download page only has CCSv3 and CCSv4 installers for that version, but somehow my colleagues got this to work in CCSv5.4.