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AFE7422EVM: Every time after send signal, I need to manually force a handshake of JESD204B.

Part Number: AFE7422EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TSW14J57EVM, TSW14J56EVM

I  use  the TSW14J57 rev E work with AFE7422EVM.  I need to send a signal,and then capture another signal. 

It should run continuously ,I use Matlab to control the process, refer to  TSW14J57_PingPong_Example.m .

After send signal, I can not see signal in spectrum analyzer,I need to stop the code after send signal,and then 

do as the pdf .

Then the matlab code can not run continuously.  Do you have any way,let it works continuously.  and I dont need to manually force a handshake of JESD204B.