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Part Number: DAC38RF82

I used dac38rf82,but GPI0 and GPI1 pins are not grounded;

the DAC is set to 81180 with DAC clock at 9000,  I don't use pll;An external 9Ghz clock is provided;

the register follow:

0x00 0x5863
0x01 0x1880
0x02 0x00FF
0x03 0x00FF
0x04 0x0000
0x05 0x0000
0x40A 0xF003
0x40B 0x0022
0x40C 0xA002
0x40D 0xF000
0x41B 0x0000
0x423 0x03F3
0x424 0x1000
0x431 0x3000
0x432 0x0308
0x433 0x4018
0x434 0x0000
0x435 0x0018
0x43B 0x1802
0x43C 0x8029
0x43D 0x0088
0x43E 0x0909
0x43F 0x0000
0x10A 0x80B0
0x10C 0x2402
0x10D 0x8301
0x10E 0x00FF
0x10F 0x1F83
0x110 0xFFFF
0x111 0xFFFF
0x117 0x0000
0x119 0x0000
0x11C 0x0000
0x11D 0x0000
0x11E 0x0000
0x11F 0x0000
0x120 0x0000
0x121 0x0000
0x122 0x0000
0x123 0x0000
0x124 0x0010
0x125 0x3000
0x127 0x1144
0x128 0x0000
0x129 0x0000
0x12A 0x0000
0x12B 0x0000
0x12C 0x0000
0x12D 0x1FFF
0x12E 0x1FFF
0x12F 0x0000
0x130 0x0000
0x132 0x0800
0x133 0x0800
0x146 0x0044
0x147 0x190A
0x148 0x31C3
0x14A 0xFF03
0x14B 0x1300
0x14C 0x1307
0x14D 0x0007
0x14E 0x0F0F
0x14F 0x1CC1
0x150 0x0000
0x151 0x00FF
0x152 0x00FF
0x153 0x0100
0x154 0x8E60
0x15C 0x0001
0x15E 0x0000
0x15F 0x0123
0x160 0x4567
0x164 0x0000
0x165 0x0000
0x166 0x0000
0x167 0x0000
0x168 0x0000
0x169 0x0000
0x16A 0x0000
0x16B 0x0000
0x16C 0x0000
0x16D 0x0000
0x16E 0x0000
0x20A 0x80B0
0x20C 0x2402
0x20D 0x8300
0x20E 0x00FF
0x20F 0x1F83
0x210 0xFFFF
0x211 0xFFFF
0x217 0x0000
0x219 0x0000
0x21C 0x0000
0x21D 0x0000
0x21E 0x0000
0x21F 0x0000
0x220 0x0000
0x221 0x0000
0x222 0x0000
0x223 0x0000
0x224 0x0010
0x225 0x3000
0x227 0x1144
0x228 0x0000
0x229 0x0000
0x22A 0x0000
0x22B 0x0000
0x22C 0x0000
0x22D 0x1FFF
0x22E 0x1FFF
0x22F 0x0000
0x230 0x0000
0x232 0x0800
0x233 0x0800
0x246 0x0044
0x247 0x190A
0x248 0x31C3
0x24A 0x0003
0x24B 0x1300
0x24C 0x1307
0x24D 0x0007
0x24E 0x0F0F
0x24F 0x1CC1
0x250 0x0000
0x251 0x00FF
0x252 0x00FF
0x253 0x0100
0x254 0x8E60
0x25C 0x0001
0x25E 0x0000
0x25F 0x3210
0x260 0x5764
0x264 0x0000
0x265 0x0000
0x266 0x0000
0x267 0x0000
0x268 0x0000
0x269 0x0000
0x26A 0x0000
0x26B 0x0000
0x26C 0x0000
0x26D 0x0000
0x26E 0x0000

I used FPGA is XCKU5P,JESD204B is link up,but DAC no output, The GPI0 and GPI1 pins affect the output?

  • Mingming,

    These pins can be floating. This is not a problem. Make sure whatever is driving TXENABLE, that this is a logic high signal. What is the status of SYNC? What errors are the DAC reporting? Can you setup the DAC in NCO only mode (see attached) and see if you get an output? This would verify the power, SPI, and clocks are valid.