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Linux/LM15851EVM: Compatible with Xilinx board ZCU102?

Part Number: LM15851EVM

Tool/software: Linux

Dear TI support,

I have ZCU102 Kit and LM15851EVM kit. I would like to connect directly LM15851EVM to ZCU102 but I am not sure they are compatible or not.

Please help to confirm with me

1. ZCU102 and LM15851 is compatible or not?

2. Can connect directly LM15851 to ZCU102 without TSW14J10 FMC adapter card?

Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Trung,

    I have forwarded your question to device expert and he will get back to you soon.


  • Trung,

    I think you can connect the LMK15851 directly to the ZCU102. You should not have to use the TSW14J10EVM adapter. Unfortunately, we have never tried this on our end.



  • Hi Jim,

    Thank you for your response.

    I understood that the adapter card is used for connect TI ADC card to PC and can use the GUI to configure ADC.

    We would like to design firmware on FPGA and control the ADC chip that is ok?

    I went through some document of TI, It releases some reference design of Xilinx Kit VC707, ZC706 connect to TI ADC kit (LM15851EVM, ADC32RF45EVM,... ) through FMC adapter card.

    VC707 and ZC706 also can connect directly to TI ADC cards?

    I read the document but cannot get the source code on FPGA to connect with ADC card. Please help to give me FPGA source code for ZC706+ LM15851EVM and VC707+LM15851EVM.

    Thanks a lot :)
  • Trung,

    The TSW14J10EVM is used to program the FPGA on the Xilinx board and capture data from the FPGA internal memory using the TI HSDC Pro GUIO software. It does not program the ADC board. You are still required to connect to the ADC EVM USB port and run the ADC GUI. You would have to generate the firmware for controlling the ADC.

    VC707 and ZC706 can connect directly to the ADC EVM.

    The source code can be found under the TSW14J10EVM product folder on the TI website. This notice is in the documentation that comes with this source code:


    This reference design should not be used as an example for how to connect a specific ADC or DAC to a Xilinx FPGA. This reference design is capable of interfacing with all TI the FMC based ADC and DAC EVM’s. To do this the design complexity is much greater than is required to simply interface to an ADC or DAC running with a specific configuration and much of the design has been abstracted and placed under HSDC Pro software control.

    For a quick start to get your own design up and running. Refer to [1] Xilinx JESD204B LogiCORE IP Product Guide and start with the example design and demo testbench that is delivered when you generate a customized JESD204B core".

    This code is good for getting a system up and running as fast as possible using the HSDC Pro GUI software. This code is probably not the best to use for a customer application. This code was tested with an ADC12J4000EVM but should work fine with the LM15851EVM.




  • Hi Jim,

    Thank you for your explanation.

    Have a nice day!