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AFE7920EVM: Extract configuration file for AFE7920EVM

Part Number: AFE7920EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: AFE7920

Hi there,

How do I extract the configuration file for AFE7920EVM? 



  • Hi Kris,

    You may request technical support information from the AFE7920 page, click on the following button:

    We will get back to you after reviewing your information. thanks. 

  • AFE7920 is programmed thru a GUI, which is called Latte. 

    Below is a Training slide for the Latte GUI. 

    The latest version of GUI is v1.75.


    In the attached slide, an example which uses automation-script is shown. Auto-script is running below scripts in order. User can configure following below order: 

    1. Setup HSDCPro for DAC
      1. Proper INI file needs to be loaded
    2. Run Latte
    3. Run Latte --> AFE79xx > bringup >
    4. Run Latte --> AFE79xx > bringup >
    5. Run AFE79xx configuration script 
      1. Example script can be found at 
        Latte --> AFE79xx > bringup >
    6. DAC link is supposed to be made
    7. Configure HSDCPro for ADC tab
      1. Capture data will link the ADC path

    [Sequence File Dump]

    A configuration script is supposed to have the following lines: 

    ## The following parameters sets up the register and macro dumps


    logDumpInst.logFormat = 0x0f

    logDumpInst.rewriteFile = 1

    logDumpInst.rewriteFileFormat4 = 1

    device.optimizeWrites = 0

    device.rawWriteLogEn = 1

    • The first line including setFileName() sets the dump file name and directory. ASTERIX_DIR+DEVICE_DIR is "C:\Users\~~~\Documents\Texas Instruments\Latte\lib" by default. 
    • logDumpInst.rawWriteLogEn sets enable or disable of the sequence dump. 
      For file dump, this is supposed to be set as '1'

    [Sequence file loading]

    The dumped sequence file can be loaded using a below function. 

    • AFE.loadRawConfigFile('path/name')

    With a proper path and file name, above command can be run in 'Command Line' window.