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DAC38RF89: GAIN Block value/range

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Part Number: DAC38RF89

Hi, Team

Siglent is using the DAC38RF89 in AWG application.

From datasheet 8.3.20 Gain Block section, it describes the GAINAB/CD Register(8.5.39), but didn't give a list/table what's the exact value of gain value/range in the register.

Can you please kindly help to provide this information?

Analog FAE from Shenzhen, China

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    The equation for this gain using decimal numbers is Gain Value / 1024 = gain multiplier. This data is then multiplied by this value. Max gain is 2X with a hex value of 0x800 (2048 decimal) in registers bits 11:0. Minimum gain is 0 with 0x000 (0 decimal). Default gain setting is 1X (0x400).