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DAC38RF89: How to resolve JESD error

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Part Number: DAC38RF89

My customer occurred JESD error. Could you please answer his questions?


Error is shown on JESD_ALM_L[0:7] registers as follows:

JESD_ALM_L0       0x2000
JESD_ALM_L1       0x2F00
JESD_ALM_L2       0x2000
JESD_ALM_L3       0x2800
JESD_ALM_L4       0x2800
JESD_ALM_L5       0x2000
JESD_ALM_L6       0x2800
JESD_ALM_L7       0x2800

When DAC output Zero, he has not observed issue yet. However, when actual data is output, issue is happened.   There is this issue on only one board out of 16 boards.



  •  Looking at the register read result, there are many errors in lane 1 (JESD_ALM_L1).   Is lane 1 not receiving data correctly?   (Are there any problems with other lanes?)
  •  How should he investigate and adjust when such communication error occurs?   Is there any parameter that can be adjusted such as equalizer settings?
  • The SRDS_CFG1, 2 registers, etc. have been changed. Is it necessary to initialize the JESD circuit after making the changes? (Bit1,0 of RESET_CONFIG register INIT_SLICE 1→0)


Please advise us.

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