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TRF7970A SDM Bit Clock don't occurs

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i am using SDM and DM1 for reading MIFARE CLASSIC DATA

and i am following sloa214 document

but i have problem

i can't see SDM BIT CLK Even though I set Mifare_SDM_config and Mifare_SDM_Enter and SDM_TXENABLE_ON

but SDM BIT CLK sometimes occurs.

I already check SPI Communicate for set it

and when MCU send auth command through TX Data , is AUTH COMMAND value right ?

auth1_command[0] = 0x60;
auth1_command[1] = 0;
CalculateParity(auth1_command, 2);
CalculateCRC(auth1_command, 2);

DirectModeTransceive( DM_TX_PARITY | DM_RX_PARITY,
auth1_command, 4, 0,
auth1_response, &recv_bytes, &recv_bits);

AUTH COMMAND : [0 : 0x60][1 : 0x01][2 : 0x00][3 : 0x01]