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AFE7444: IP support for the reference design KCU105 AFE74xx XCVR 2x44210 to replicate on Vivado 2018.2

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Hi everyone,

I am currently studying the reference design KCU105 AFE74xx XCVR 2x44210. The reference Vivado project is implemented on Vivado v2016.1. However I would like to port it to Vivado v2018.2 and started building the block design from scratch. I see some of the IPs are not present in the IP repository of Vivado v2018.2.

After searching through reference design, I was able to add the following IPs in Vivado v2018.2, by adding the path of repository directory 'repository_0' from the reference design.


However, the following IP (source) is still missing


Does ti provide support for this? How can I obtain this IP so I can complete re-building the block design on Vivado 2018.2?

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance,

-Chandrasekhar DVS