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TRF372017EVM: Regarding TRF372017EVM board

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Part Number: TRF372017EVM

Hello sir,

I want to buy TRF372017 EVM for my project application. But I am confused with following points:

1. Can we give data generated from FPGA (10101010 pattern) directly to I and Q port of Eval board? If yes then what effect will i see in the output ?

2. Can i give reference clock directly from FPGA to the TRF372017 EVM board ?

3. I want to operate EVM board is around 3 GHz-3.3 GHz with 50 MHz BB i/p bandwith. How much maximum output power will i get at the modulator output? 

4. If i want to use this Eval board for RF front end circuit for high power (+10dBm) application. Then what combination of BPF+Amplifier can you suggest for this?

Please any one help me in these points with a specific reply. I will be really thankful to him/her.

Thanks in advance.

With warm regards


  • Reyansh,

    For both Q1 and Q2, no, the TRF372017 cannot accept the digital bit streams to RF. To convert digital bit stream to RF, you will need to have a DAC to interface the FPGA. You may check out our TSW3084 and TSW38J84 EVM for example

    For Q3, you may see the P1dB specification for 2.7GHz. For 3GHz operation, the P1dB should be similar. You may use this as rough estimate.

    For Q4, this is highly application dependent, TI cannot answer your specific question. However, you may visit some gain blocks circuit as example.