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Part Number: AFE7444EVM

Tried to run through the tutorial of AFE7444EVM. 

For the DAC portion, I do not see any signal output.

For the ADC portion, I got into a run time error.

  • Frederick:

    You can check out the getting started videos here: https://training.ti.com/getting-started-with-the-afe74xx-rf-sampling-transceiver.  These will walk you through the basic bring-up of the device.

    No DAC pattern and no ADC capture usually is tied to a capture board issue or insufficient clock.  For the 'J57 board, ensure the power supply voltage is correct and that there is over 3A on the current limiting.  Initiating a capture or loading FW increases the surge current and could cause a brown-out situation.

    For the device, ensure the GUI programming completed successfully where the LMK clock LED lights are on indicating a successful clock programming.

    If you have a 'J56 EVM by chance, you can follow some of the basic bring-up procedures in the User's Guide or videos at a lower data rate to ensure set-up and capture card are properly functioning.