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AFE7920EVM: How to configure the AFE7920EVM via iGUI only (without using the .py scripts provided)

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Part Number: AFE7920EVM

Hi everyone,

I am working with AFE7920EVM. To configure the EVM for a mode, along with establishing connection between PC and EVM, we need to use Latte. Is there any chance that all of what is necessary to configure AFE, can be done via iGui?

Can someone suggest what can be done?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Chan100,

    We plan to support configuration through iGUI in future. But as of now, it's not supported and python scripts provided must be used.



  • In reply to Vijayendra Varma Siddamsetty:

    Hi Vijay,

    Is there a way to run these python scripts outside latte, on Windows?

    -Chandrasekhar DVS

  • In reply to Chan100:

    Hi Chandrasekhar,

    Python scripts in latte can be run only within the latte framework. To configure AFE without using latte, config file (or log file) generated by latte for that particular mode has to be used. 

    Refer to section 3 in Latte user guide for details on log file generation and section 9 in configuration guide (SBAA417) for bring-up flow with log file.