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AFE7444EVM: AFE7444 standalone test support

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Part Number: AFE7444EVM

Hi TI team

Greetings for the day.

We are testing AFE7444 RF sampling TRX EVB. As you know this EVB will come with TSW14J57 Rev E EVB. 

I would like like test AFE7444 EVB standalone with out TSW14J57 EVB. After reading the datasheet loop back test can do with out FPGA EVB to verify TX and RX is working. Could you help me what other Transceiver parameters can test with out FPGA EVB.

Waiting for your acknowledgement.

Thank you.


  • Hi Sreehari,

    With AFE configured in repeater mode, apart from verifying Tx and Rx functionality, you can test analog performance as well. Based on your application, Modulated test signal can be fed to Rx and performance parameters like ACLR, EVM of Tx output can be measured. Single tone SFDR, two tone IMD tests can also be done. However in loopback mode, it is not be possible to distinguish distortions caused by Rx and Tx separately.

    Refer to app not below for repeater mode configuration: