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LMX8410L: device information

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Part Number: LMX8410L

Hi sir,

I have some inquiries on this devices.

Can you clarify these queries?

1.Can the frequency synthesizer of LMX8410L produce frequency modulation signal?
2.If I use the software to set the VCO frequency, do I need to set it again for the next use?  the same frequency.


  • Hi Frank,

    1. The LMX8410L internal LO synthesizer is fixed frequency. It does not have the ability to modulate the LO frequency. You would have to use the external LO port for this.

    2. Each time you power up the device, you will need to write the register settings for the device, including for the VCO. There is no EEPROM or other memory on the LMX8410L that persists through power cycling.


    Derek Payne

    Texas Instruments