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RFID LF solution

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I would like to get TI recommendation for TAG LF (Low frequency) part number (stick) and reader. The system need to read at the same time

up to 200 TAGs with different ID and identify them. All TAGs are in one Box 1m x 1m x 1m.

Need the related TI Par numbers and demo kit.

Is it possible to implement it.

Project: Market RFID system

Annual quantity: 100,000 

  • Hello Ofer,

    the system you are planning would require LF tags that support the anti-collision process. TI is not offering LF tags that can fulfill this requirement.

    HF transponders (13.56MHz), which are working according the ISO15692 standard, also offer the anti-collision feature to detect multiple transponders in the field. TI is offering the transponders RF-HDT-DVBB and RF-HDT-DVBE which are encapsulated transponders with a diameter of 22mm. High power RF reader will be needed for this application but TI is not offering these kind of readers.

    Best regards,