ADS58J89EVM: Connecting this device to FPGA

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Part Number: ADS58J89EVM

I'm trying to interface a ADS58J89EVM to a Microsemi Smartfusion 2 FPGA. I've been reading through the docs, and there has been a lot of conflicting information that would be awesome to clear up.  My main issue is that I'm having trouble pulling and reading data off this device. I read in one document that it uses JESD204B to transfer data, but there seems to be a lack of pins to support this function. In another document, it seems that it uses a SPI interface to transfer data, but I can't find the pins to support this either. What I have found is that there is 8 output pins that might carry data, but I'm not sure the protocol they use. Is there some document/s that could best streamline my grasping of this concept, or can I get a clarification about how this can be accomplished?

As a sidenote, I am also looking for other ways to accomplish a 'ADC-to-filter-to-DAC' problem in real-time. I was kind of just handed these components (TI ADC, Microsemi FPGA, TI DAC) and I'm unsure whether or not they're suited to get the job done.