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RF transmission of a high frequency ON-OFF signal

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I am looking for a pair of transmitter and receiver that are able to transmit and receive high frequency ON-OFF signal (up 1 MHz). The distance in between the transmitter and receiver is around 1 meter. 

I have ask this question in the forum of sub-1GHz, but no one has came up with a solution. As a result, I am also wondering if there is any indirect method to achieve it?

  • HI Kerui,

    Our AFE transceiver products (i.e. AFE7444, AFE77xx, and AFE79xx) can all do these types of applications. We also have TRF372017 and TRF371115 that can do basic modulations and demodulations like this. However these products may be overkill for your applications. You may take a look.


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    Thank you so much