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AFE7769EVM: AFE7769EVM + TSW14J10 Board bring up

Part Number: AFE7769EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TSW14J10EVM, TSW14J56EVM, , AFE7769, LMK04828

Hi Experts.

I am new to TI AFE 7769EVM and started board bring up by connecting AFE 7769EVM to TSW14J10EVM board and also installed Latte GUI and HSDC pro software. Please note that I have not connected any external FPGA yet.

I want to know is there any thing I can do as part of board bring up (like loopback testing) with AFE7769EVM and TSW14J10? I could not any training video or user guide to start the bring up for mentioned board however I could find training video for  AFE7769EVM and TSW14J56EVM. 

My expectation is any videos or guidance available with you for  AFE7769EVM +TSW14J10EVM board bring up similar to  AFE7769EVM and TSW14J56EVM ( )

  • Hi Durgendra,

    The bring-up procedure is different if you plan to use en external FPGA to send/receive data to/from AFE7769EVM. You won't need HSDC Pro as that's meant for use with TSW14J56. 

    You'll need TSW14J10EVM if you plan to use an external FPGA board. We have a reference design with a ZCU102 board and the relevant materials can be downloaded using this link:

    It also has a sample bring-up script for AFE7769 for a specific use case. 



  • Hi Satish,

    Appreciate your timely reply and sharing the data. I will check bring up with ZCU102 board.

    Just want to know, is there anything I can test for AFE7769EVM stand alone with Latte GUI?


  • You can configure the EVM and run a command to enable the test tone generation from TX. You'll find that command in useful functions you can download using look for commands under "Send tone from AFE internal logic" in that file. You can run this command after bring-up the device. You'll see a test tone out of TX.

    Additionally, this file has a list of documents relevant to AFE77xx. Feel free to take a look at the ones relevant for you.

  • Hi Satish,

    Thanks for sharing command file.

    First Point: I am executing command from "Send tone from AFE internal logic"  and getting error "NameError: name 'AFE' is not defined". Please help on this.

    Second Point: I am running file --->> which open up separate GUI with default configuration and I am just applying those default setting and getting below  message.

    pll0: False; LO Frequency: 3499.9875

    Could not find suitable factors for PLL1: refClk=491.52 Fout=2949.122812

    pll1: False; LO Frequency: 5898.24

    DC PLL Didn't lock

    Can you please check if I am missing anything here?

  • Hi Durgendra,

    You'll have to configire the EVM before running the function to generate test tone. Configuring the EVM essentially means bringing up the AFE and the clock chip LMK04828. Please review the EVM user's guide for the steps. The relevant pages are 5 through 8. The link to the user's guide and a script to bring-up are included in the useful links file I had shared earlier.



  • Hi Satish,

    I have gone through the user guide. As per user guide I have to execute TSW14J5x DAC Pattern Setup but, I dont have TSW14J5x and working on TSW14J10 as communicated earlier. Moreover, I am unable to find the file AFE77xx 2x2TX_44210 to send the DAC pattern from HSDC (as per section 8) If I am choosing any other file from HSDC and followed by from Latte and getting error "spi - Cannot detect USB Instrument at address A" however I am able to execute file (without any error) when I dont use HSDC.