DAC38RF89: DAC38RF89 - Current & Power

Part Number: DAC38RF89


Some questions regarding the  DAC38RF89 Currents:

1. In Figure 149 (Power Supply Scheme)  The VDDDIG1 Current shown is 2.5A ;

   While in the "Electrical Characteristics - DC Specifications" (Section 7.5)  The Max Current of VDDDIG1 is 1.3A.   

   What is the real VDDDIG1 expected Current.

2.  What is the expected Currents if I'll use only 1 DAC insted of two.



  • Ronen,

    The data sheet is confusing. Figure 149 is padding the max value. Not sure why. Section 7.5 is not showing current numbers for all modes at max frequency. At 9GHz it will be around 2.244A worst case from characterization data taken from several devices. I can provide data with the DAC operating in 1 TX mode but not sure if this is what you are asking for. If you plan on using the part in 2 TX mode, then turn off one of the TX channels, please send the following info and we can measure the current difference in the lab for you:

    LMFS setting, DACCLK rate, interpolation factor, using DAC PLL or not, real data, 1 I/Q or 2 I/Q per channel, number of bits, and if NCO is used, at what frequency.



  • Thank you Jim

    To be more clear on my question:

    What will be the MAX currents when using only one DAC ?

    (I don't know the CLK frequency or all rest of the parameters.  so I need to asume the worse case MAX currents.

    Thanks Again


  • Ronen,

    See attached file. The first row is just the NCO running and the second row is with a 70MHz tone from the JESD interface and the NCO running. This spreadsheet is listing all individual supply rail currents. This should be the worst case with the device running at 9GHz.



    Power consumption for 44210 mode 1 DAC.xlsx