AFE7769-3P5EVM: TX QMC and LO correction

Part Number: AFE7769-3P5EVM
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Hi team,

At the TX output of the AFE7769 I am seeing a unwanted spurious tones at  and around the local oscillator frequency (3.5GHz). By thinking that it is caused from the 

LO leakage , I want to activate the LO and QMC routine in the AFE7769 through Latte software. For this purpose, (I am using AFE7769-3.5EVM with ZCU111 FPGA board)

1. I connected TX 1 to FB1 


    sysParams.enableTxIqmcLoITrackingCorr = True

    sysParams.txIqmcExternalDelayValue = [0,0,0,0]

   sysParams.txIqmcFullBandEstimation = True

   sysParams.txIqmcCalibMode = 0

    AFE.TOP.TIMINGCTRL.txToFbSelectCh(1,0) lines to my Python script to override FBLOOP pins and indicate that FB1 is connected to TX1

When I configure AFE7769 EVB though Latte software and with my new Python script and nothing changed.  I cannot observe anything.

So my questions are:

1. Is there anything more to activate LO correction.

2. How can I check whether QMC and LO correction is working or not?

2. Do you have a Latte Script that sets the QMC and LO correction?

Have a nice day,

Dr. Tamer Güdü