BFSK Modulation: 1Mbit data over a 100+MHz carrier?

I'm not sure exactly which forum this belongs but the RF forum sounds most appropriate.
I'm looking for design advice and part recommendations for a BFSK data link. At a high level I am in the process of designing a 1Mbit CAN bridge over an optical link (20Mbit - 5Gbit bandwidth over the optical link). The idea is to take the TX and RX signals from the CAN transceiver and push them over an optical link (LVDS interface). To do this I need to modulate TX and RX with an AC carrier because the LVDS interface requires that there be no DC component. 
Because there is already some propagation delay for CAN in our system it is important that the modulator and demodulator be reasonably fast, I would say less than 80ns for either modulation or demodulation. 
My understanding is that you want the carrier frequency to be on the order of 100x or more of the modulation frequency, so I'm looking at a 100MHz+ PLL.
Can I get a part recommendation and/or design guides for implementing BFSK that could meet my design criteria?
Thank you,