DAC38RF83: Auto-tune multiple DAC38RF83 devices ?

Part Number: DAC38RF83

Dear Team,

My customer is using multiple DAC38RF83 on board operating with their internal PLL.

We’re trying to understand how we can cut the PLL auto tune time to the minimum ?

  1. If we know the device temperature , can we preset the LFVOLT ?
    1. If the temperature moved would the PLL stay locked or should we change the LFVOLT value ?
  2. Do we need to go through the auto-tune process for each DAC every time we auto-calibrate ?

Do we have any app-note on this topic or can we get a more comprehensive guidance ?



  • Nir,

    I will let Jim comment on this further. The DAC38RF83 VCO code can be pre-characterized at the customer's factory to have a code that would work across their temperature. The loop filter voltage (LFVOLT) should change across temperature due to the nature of VCO behavior (general LC tank design). The customer should have a code that should have sufficient margin of LFVOLT that work across temperature.

    Each DAC would have slightly different LC code due to the accuracy of the inductor/capacitor array design. 

  • Nir,

    We have characterization data from three parts over temperature, frequency and voltage, and it appears to me a customer could possibly use one value for the loop filter setting for their production units. I can send this data if you are interested.