AFE7070: AFE7071/AFE7070 can support below 30MHz

Part Number: AFE7070
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I would like to know whether AFE7071/AFE7070 can support below 30MHz rather than 100MHz depending on the specification RF frequency range.

What is the limit for AFE7070 when operated on a frequency below 30 MHz?

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  • The AFE7070 device will function, but the performance will progressively get worse as you go below 100 MHz.  You can observe the hint of this in the datasheet plots.  Output power will drop.  Carrier feedthrough performance will degrade.  Sideband suppression performance likely is the worse as it is already degraded to 25 dBc at 100 MHz.  The polyphase circuit that creates the quadrature modulator is outside of its range below 100 MHz so the quadrature phase of the LO is not properly maintained.  In short, it will work but will not meet datasheet specifications for output power, CF, SBS, or linearity.