TRF372017EVM: Different EVM Result between Zero IF and 100 MHz IF

Part Number: TRF372017EVM
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We currently testing TRF370217 evaluation module & LMX87410L evaluation module.
Here is our testing setup & measurement result:

(I): ZERO IF testing setup & EVM result

(II) IF100MHz testing setup & EVM result

We found that there is a large difference between zero IF and 100MHz IF in EVM peak.
Is there any comment you can provide?
Thank you!

Best regards,
Alan Ke

  • Hi Alan,

    Please check the image suppression of the overall chain with 100MHz IF case. For the ZIF case, your IQ offset is at -16dB. This means the image is within the passband, and is impacting EV% measurement. 

    You will need to adjust the I/Q phase of the overall input to the TRF372017EVM to suppress the I/Q offset to at least 40dBc to get good measurements. The TRF372017 does not have I/Q adjustment feature, so you will need to check if the LMX8410L have the I/Q gain/phase adjust capability.