We are incorporating the TI F-Antenna (swru120d) but want to locate a metal cover nearby.

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Is there any problem locating a metal cover (19mm x 13mm x 2.5mm) located as shown in the preliminary placement.  Will this impact the radiation pattern?

  • Hello Richard, 

    The nRF21540 and nRF52840 are Nordic Semi devices, therefore TI is not in a position to comment on their design.  As a general comment, yes, a metal plate in the vicinity of an antenna can affect the performance.  



  • Your response is greatly appreciated but I was hoping for a level of interference since the antenna is a TI design. I had originally created a case number for this question and the suggestion was to submit my question to the E2E forum.  We are considering a heat staked plastic cover as shielding isn't a requirement. FYI, We are using a TI TPS63900 buck boost regulator in the design and have plans for additional TI product on a mother board for this product.  

  • Hi Richard, 

    Glad you could copy one of our pcb antenna reference designs in your design.  The best way to evaluate the effects of the shield, plastic or metal, is to perform RF tests such as described in this App Note: www.ti.com/lit/an/swra469/swra469.pdf 

    We appreciate considering other TI devices in the motherboard design, and if you would like to cross-reference any devices already in the design, here is a tool to assist with that: https://bomcross.ti.com/en/ . 

    If you have questions about other TI devices, please post a new inquiry on E2E.  

    At your service,