LMX8410L: Schematic reivewer

Part Number: LMX8410L
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LMX2594, PLLATINUMSIM-SW

Dear team

There is a good news that we design in LMX8410LRGZ in customer's new project.

Could you help to review the schematic? 



  • Hi Denny,

    This schematic looks good. Note that we have support for the LMX8410L in PLLatinum Sim (PLLATINUMSIM-SW); the internal PLL is the same circuit as an LMX2594, so the LMX2594 can be used for planning the exact loop filter values.

    One comment: we recommend connecting the unused OSCin pin to GND through 0.1uF and 50 ohms; in this case, maybe use 1nF on the unused pin instead (to match the other pin AC coupling)


    Derek Payne