TRF372017: Internal frequency dividers not locked to each other?

Part Number: TRF372017

Hi Team,

We would like to ask your help regarding the customer's inquiry below.

I am working on an application where I need deterministic (phase) behavior between multiple TRF372017. Sadly the TRF features different frequency dividers for LO output, RF and PLL after the VCO. Apparently they are not locked to each other if all of them have the same divider value, which leads to phase ambiguities between the reference signal and the RF/LO signals (even in integer N mode!).

Is that correct and is there a way to work around this issue?



  • Hi Danilo,

    Yes, this is correct. The TRF372017 was not designed with phase alignment of multiple TRF372017 as a design target. If such phase alignment is needed, there are several dividers in the PLL loop that requires a time stamp signal to align the divider phases to ensure phase alignment. This feature is not available in the TRF372017 device.