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[FAQ] Power Budget Calculator: How to calculate power consumption for PGA460 and TUSS44x0

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How do I calculate power consumption for the PGA460 and TUSS44X0 devices?

  • With the size of systems decreasing day after day, and increasing demands for power efficiency often times we get asked about power consumption for PGA460 and TUSS44x0. This can be somewhat of a difficult question to answer because the power consumption of the device depends on these various factors:

    • Drive Voltage
    • Driving Current
    • Transducer Frequency
    • Pulses Transmitted
    • Length of listening window (min/max distance)
    • How often measurements are performed


    The specifications for power performance for your system requirements may not be found in the datasheet because there are numerous of scenarios that would need to be taken into consideration. Fortunately, this information is obtainable without the purchase of a device or an EVM. The GUI for both the PGA460 and the TUSS44x0 contain a tool called the Power Budget Calculator, which can be accessed without the purchase of a product or without a device connected via USB. When the respective GUI’s have been downloaded you may utilize the tool by going opening the GUI and going to File->Power Budget Calculator. While the tools may seem very similar on the surface there are a couple of different options that are device specific and the values generated by the for the power usage calculations vary from one another so please ensure that the proper GUI is downloaded.




                                                                                             PGA460 Power Budget Calculator



                                                                                                  TUSS Power Budget Calculator


    The following is an example of the PGA460 budget calculator and how some of the values affect the power consumption of the device. The frequency settings used would be something similar to what you would see from using the BOOSTXL-PGA460 EVM with a 58.5kHz muRata MA58MF14-7N transducer. We will be transmitting 12 pulses with a recording length of 12.288ms (which is equal to approximately 2.1m). The transducer will be driven at 250mA and the VPWR will be set at a minimum setting of 6V. The device will be toggled to perform a measurement every 1000ms (1 second). The settings can be seen below.


                                                                                      PGA460 Power Budget Calculator Example


    Once the settings have been entered click the “Update Output Results” button in order to populate the output portion of the Power Budget Calculator with the results. The results are broken down by current consumption of the device during each state of the command interval.

    Bursting Current – 137mA for .171ms

    Listening Current – 12mA for 12.117ms

    Listen or Low Power – 12mA for 987.712ms

    Since the device was mostly in the low power or listening mode the average current per interval is really close to 12mA with an average power per interval of 72.126mW. So, this indicates that during the 1000ms interval our PGA460 consumed 72.126mW of power.

    For more information on the devices we have talked about in this FAQ please refer to their product pages linked here: