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TDC1000-C2000EVM: TDC1000-C2000EVM connectivity with the PC and with various transducers between 1M to 5Mhz

Part Number: TDC1000-C2000EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP-EXP430F5529LP, TDC1000, TDC1000-Q1, BOOSTXL-TUSS4470, TMS320F28035

TDC1000-C2000EVM connectivity with the PC and with various transducers between 1M to 5Mhz

1. Is the ultrasonic received data in TDC1000-C2000EVM could be transferred in real-time to the PC (for data processing/analysis)?  In addition, it is not connected with the MSP-EXP430F5529LP board (like the OOSTTXL-TUSS4470 has the option to connect with the MSP-EXP430F5529LP and then to the PC).
2. What is the minimum uVrms of the received ultrasonic signal in TDC1000 or TDC1000-Q1 ?
3. What is the maximum Fout(tx) that TDC1000 or TDC1000-Q1 still working well? Fout(tx)typ. is written 4Mhz. I.e. with 5Mhz transducer.
4. How can we connect to the vTDC1000-C2000EVM a transducer that needs more than 5.5V(p-p) for a proper operation? 

5. Is the EVM KIT include at least one transducer (or even more than one!)? 
6. Could you have a list of available transducers that can be operated with the TDC1000-C2000EVM? we want to try and choose the better transducer solution for our developed medical device in sounds/ultrasound waves (not imaging).

  • Hello Shai,

    1) The TDC1000-C2000EVM does not use an MSP-EXP430F5529LP like the BOOSTXL-TUSS4470, but does have a TMS320F28035 C2000 microcontroller on board. The device handles some of the calculations that are being performed as well as communication to the GUI. I am not too familiar with this microcontroller and how to interface directly with the a PC and the C2000 board, I would recommend to start a thread for the TMS320F28035 in specific so that they may help you with the interface portion of this question.

    2) As I mentioned in your previous post: we do not have a minimum spec for the uVrms of the received ultrasonic signal for the TDC1000 or TDC1000-Q1.

    3)The maximum spec for transducer frequency is 4MHz. If you attempt to use a 5MHz transducer with the TDC1000 might not be able to produce the 5MHz signal to drive the transducer and secondly you might not receive a signal since the device is not operated to work at that frequency. I have not tested since this out of the devices specified operating range, doing so might damage the device.

    4) If a transducer needs a higher voltage than 5.5V(p-p) then the TDC1000 would need to be outfitted with a transformer in order to boost the voltage. I would recommend following a similar circuit to the one found on the TDC1000-GASEVM. This is capable of producing a voltage of 30V(p-p) for the transmitter. You can view the schematic here:

    5) The EVM does not contain a transducer.

    6) I have also included a list of transducers in our last post: I did forget to include another one a 2.5MHz transducer, it is a Steminc SMD20T08F2500R. Keep in mind that these have not been tested for a medical solution so if you have any transducer specific questions I would recommend you to contact the manufacturers directly.



  • Thank you for your reply.
    1) It is very important for us please to know if all the ultrasonic received data can trasfer to the PC for calculation performance, by using TDC1000-C2000EVM or by using TDC1000-GASEVM. Is there additionals EVKs cards that support TDC-1000?

    2) It is very important for us please to know the minimum spec for the uVrms of the received ultrasonic signal (or from another similar parameter) for the TDC1000 or TDC1000-Q1. Maybe someone in TI development group might know.

    3) According to the spec, 4Mhz is the typical frequency that TDC1000 can works with transducers. So, there is something for maximum frequency. What is it? Even if the EVK can't handle 5Mhz.

    4) Are all transducers that work with TDC1000-C2000EVM (upto 5.5Vp-p) can work also with TDC1000-GASEVM (upto 30Vp-p)?

  • Hey Shai,

    No worries always glad to help out. 

    1) I know it is possible to pass the information to PC since the system is currently doing that at the moment. Unfortunately, we cannot provide code for the GUI, so that means other methods would have to be taken in order to interface the TMS320F28035 C2000 MCU to your PC. This is why I am suggesting to post a question on how you may interface your PC and the C2000 on the board so that they may help you. Currently, the only evaluation kit for the TDC1000 offered is the TDC1000-C2000EVM.

    2) I can check internally with the design team to see if they might have some info on this spec.

    3) Like mentioned before, the datasheet clearly indicates that the max transmitter excitation frequency of the device as 4MHz. The following screenshot is from page 1 of the datasheet:

    Under section 6.5 of the datasheet says typical 4MHz, but perhaps since the output frequency depends on an external clock, if it is set to 4MHz but there is a slight variance in the clock and its 4.00001MHz then it will still produce the signal. But I have not tested what is the absolute maximum frequency at which the device will produce an output. Is there a specific reason as to why a hard limit of 4MHz would be a concern?

    4) Each transducer varies in specifications, so it is best to check the datasheet or with the manufacturer of each transducer to ensure that it can handle an excitation voltage of 30Vpp.



  • 1) We prefer the EVM for TDC1000, because we want to check results from various transducers of 1, 2.5, 3, and 5Mhz (like from STEMiNC company). Some transducers need a much higher voltage than 5.5V, so we prefer this option as well, even if we can do it with additional hardware before the connection with the transducer. Please advise.
    According to the above results, we will understand if we need to check transducers of more than 5Mhz (with different hardware). now we think that upto 5Mhz will be enough.
    There are some interesting transducers that need 100V(p-p) and even more, and we will not check them now.

    2) Thanks (you wrote - I can check internally with the design team to see if they might have some info on this spec).

  • Hello Shai,

    Okay so the TDC1000 just offers the flexibility that you are looking for with different transducer frequencies,  keep in mind the TX frequency depends on an clock. On the EVM there is an 8MHz clock so it can produce, 4, 2, and 1MHz with no issue (clock divider is powers of 2) but you will need an external clock for 2.5 and 3MHz.

    The best way to achieve a higher voltage with the TDC1000 would to use an external circuit like what can be found in the BSTEVM portion of the TDC1000-GASEVM. The BSTEVM is no longer available but if you can find something similar or create something similar this will help you achieve the higher excitation voltages.

    I will keep you updated on information on the spec, please allow a couple of days for review.