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Part Number: PGA460-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BOOSTXL-PGA460, PGA460


Im working with BOOSTXL-PGA460 Evaluation kit at 300KHz, integrated with Airmar AT300 and B78416A2386A003, while C15 and R38 are removed.

I was wondering how I can shorten the period of the transducer boost by sharpening the descending part of the signal shown in the data dump plot. It takes 0.43 ms now which makes the detection of the objects closer than 7cm impossible. I am using LP-USB for this results, memory map is also included. Decreasing the number of the pulses or playing with current limit did not help to improve anymore.

  • GRID_USER_MEMSPACE-2021-09-03_094400-record.txt
    00 (USER_DATA1),00
    01 (USER_DATA2),00
    02 (USER_DATA3),00
    03 (USER_DATA4),00
    04 (USER_DATA5),00
    05 (USER_DATA6),00
    06 (USER_DATA7),00
    07 (USER_DATA8),00
    08 (USER_DATA9),00
    09 (USER_DATA10),00
    0A (USER_DATA11),00
    0B (USER_DATA12),00
    0C (USER_DATA13),00
    0D (USER_DATA14),00
    0E (USER_DATA15),00
    0F (USER_DATA16),00
    10 (USER_DATA17),00
    11 (USER_DATA18),00
    12 (USER_DATA19),00
    13 (USER_DATA20),00
    14 (TVGAIN0),10
    15 (TVGAIN1),01
    16 (TVGAIN2),44
    17 (TVGAIN3),FD
    18 (TVGAIN4),F8
    19 (TVGAIN5),61
    1A (TVGAIN6),85
    1B (INIT_GAIN),7F
    1C (FREQUENCY),64
    1D (DEADTIME),00
    1E (PULSE_P1),06
    1F (PULSE_P2),12
    20 (CURR_LIM_P1),64
    21 (CURR_LIM_P2),7F
    22 (REC_LENGTH),0C
    23 (FREQ_DIAG),00
    24 (SAT_FDIAG_TH),EE
    25 (FVOLT_DEC),7C
    26 (DECPL_TEMP),0A
    27 (DSP_SCALE),00
    28 (TEMP_TRIM),00
    29 (P1_GAIN_CTRL),12
    2A (P2_GAIN_CTRL),00
    2B (EE_CRC),6D
    40 (EE_CNTRL),00
    41 (BPF_A2_MSB),2C
    42 (BPF_A2_LSB),81
    43 (BPF_A3_MSB),F9
    44 (BPF_A3_LSB),A5
    45 (BPF_B1_MSB),03
    46 (BPF_B1_LSB),2D
    47 (LPF_A2_MSB),7E
    48 (LPF_A2_LSB),67
    49 (LPF_B1_MSB),00
    4A (LPF_B1_LSB),CD
    4B (TEST_MUX),00
    4C (DEV_STAT0),80
    4D (DEV_STAT1),00
    5F (P1_THR_0),00
    60 (P1_THR_1),11
    61 (P1_THR_2),22
    62 (P1_THR_3),23
    63 (P1_THR_4),2E
    64 (P1_THR_5),28
    65 (P1_THR_6),FF
    66 (P1_THR_7),D4
    67 (P1_THR_8),62
    68 (P1_THR_9),94
    69 (P1_THR_10),A5
    6A (P1_THR_11),28
    6B (P1_THR_12),28
    6C (P1_THR_13),28
    6D (P1_THR_14),69
    6E (P1_THR_15),09
    6F (P2_THR_0),EE
    70 (P2_THR_1),30
    71 (P2_THR_2),87
    72 (P2_THR_3),26
    73 (P2_THR_4),81
    74 (P2_THR_5),4D
    75 (P2_THR_6),93
    76 (P2_THR_7),EE
    77 (P2_THR_8),A0
    78 (P2_THR_9),AA
    79 (P2_THR_10),8C
    7A (P2_THR_11),39
    7B (P2_THR_12),DC
    7C (P2_THR_13),1E
    7D (P2_THR_14),1D
    7E (P2_THR_15),5E
    7F (THR_CRC),A2

If I switch to using an external power supply, which one would determine the driver current limit, the software or the external power supply? Since AT300 has Vmax=200Vpp,  I tried to produce a stronger transducer boost by increasing the driver current limit, but although I see a higher amplitude in oscilloscope, the data path value in plot data dump wont increase and I have to use x4 SR Gain.