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AWR1642BOOST: Unable to view Radar API after thoroughly installing according to instructions.

Part Number: AWR1642BOOST
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DCA1000EVM,

Hi e2e team,

Our customer are encountering below issues. Need your help to identify what the cause is:

"I have two TI products, DCA1000EVM and AWR1642BOOST and am using them together according to the assembly instructions given in an accompanying pamphlet.

I've also installed the software accompanying the devices, mmWave Studio version, as well as Matlab Runtime 2015a (8.5.1). The drivers seem to have installed correctly, and I have configured the address of the Ethernet port on the DCA1000EVM, but once I start mmWave Studio, I am met with a prompt which says "Ignoring element "/Settings/Working Directories/Settings" of type "Tab" with attributes:" (After the colon, there is nothing listed), and it gives me the option to click OK or Stop Script.

The interface is completely blank and grey, save for a simple toolbar above the grey window.

After I enable console output, I can see the following error message after I click on OK on the prompt:


GM: Constructor
GM: Tue Sep 21 13:39:42 2021

### Running Startup script: "C:\ti\mmwave_studio_02_01_01_00\mmWaveStudio\Scripts\Startup.lua" ###
RSTD.SetAndTransmit ("/Settings/Scripter/Display DateTime" , "1")
GM: Tue Sep 21 13:39:42 2021
RSTD.SetAndTransmit ("/Settings/Scripter/DateTime Format" , "HH:mm:ss")
Scripter ignored: Attempt to UnBuild() again or before Build.
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/Clients/Client 0/Dll" , "C:\\ti\\mmwave_studio_02_01_01_00\\mmWaveStudio\\Clients\\\\LabClient.dll")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/Clients/Client 0/Use" , "TRUE")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/Clients/Client 1/Use" , "FALSE")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/Clients/Client 2/Use" , "FALSE")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/Clients/Client 3/Use" , "FALSE")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/Clients/Client 4/Use" , "FALSE")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/AL Client/AL Dll" , "C:\\ti\\mmwave_studio_02_01_01_00\\mmWaveStudio\\RunTime\\SAL.dll")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/Clients/Client 0/GuiDll" , "")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/AutoUpdate/Enabled" , "TRUE")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/AutoUpdate/Interval" , "1")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/Monitors/UpdateDisplay" , "TRUE")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/Monitors/OneClickStart" , "TRUE")
RSTD.SetVar ("/Settings/Automation/Automation Mode" , "false")
RSTD.SaveSettings(): Settings saved to "C:\Users\Halldór\AppData\Roaming\RSTD\config.xml"

***Script FAILED!***
Exception message is:
Attempted to build without client names configured!


An old forum post on TI E2E mentions that this has something to do with the Matlab Runtime version as it *has to be* 8.5.1, but I've made sure it is only that version installed which is available, even going so far as to remove existing Matlab instances (2018) from the computer I am using."

Thanks and regards,