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AWR1642BOOST: Profiling parameter of Demo Visualizer: InterChirpProcessingMargin

Part Number: AWR1642BOOST

Hi, TI team,

I'm figuring out the measured timing from "Profiling" parameters. According to the code in mmwave SDK 3.4, the InterChirpProcessingMargin was computed in each chirp event. (During DPC_ObjectDetection_chirpEvent and DPC_ObjectDetection_execute were called for each single chirp for range processing, thus get timing value then.)

So, for overall timing value of Range process, it become "InterChirpProcessingMargin * 2 (since its complex signal) * numChirpsPerChirpEvent * numChirpsPerFrame". Is this right?

Thank you.


  • Hi Shihyu,

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  • Hi Shihyu,

    The overall processing time taken by the range processing of a frame will be the amount of time taken in range processing of a single chirp multiplied by numChirpsPerFrame (total number of chirps that will occur in a frame).

    I don't think signal being complex, or numChirpsPerEvent would be the correct multipliers. numChirpsPerEvent is usually 1, it gives the number of chirps the ADC will store in its buffer before sending an interrupt.

    Please let me know if I have misunderstood some part of your question.



  • Hi, Jitendra and Aayush,

    Thanks for the reply, these are very useful, and now I understand.

    Very thank you!