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LDC2114EVM: EVM doesn't store configuration settings

Part Number: LDC2114EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LDC2114

Hi Team

I'm not able to save configuration settings made on the EVM once disconnected from USB power.

This is my procedure:

1. connect EVM to USB

2.  start the GUI (GUI shows "Connected / green indication)

3. Go to "Configuration"  and select "Configure device"

4. Change some settings, e.g. change Gain from Channel 0 from 30 to 20

5. Select "active processing"

6. Change to "Data streaming" and start streaming. Everything seems to work correctly with reduced gain 20.

7. Strop streaming

(8. Go back to Configuration and check if Gain of Channel 0 is still set correctly to 20) --> OK

9. Close the GUI Application

10. Disconnect USB

11. Reconnect USB

12. Start the GUI and go to Configuration. --> Settings are restored to default (Gain 30)

Is there a way to store the changed settings after disconecting the USB power?

I also tried to wait after every step above several seconds, but no success. Tryied several other LDC2114EVM, but same problem. Tryied GUI Version v1.10.0 but also older versions, but same result.

Can you help?

Thank you and best regards,


  • Hello Ronny, 

    The LDC2114 does not save register values after it powers down. Each time the LDC2114 powers on, it will need it's registers configured. Additionally, the EVM is not built to save the configurations from the GUI so the registers will always be reset when you power on the board. 

    If you want to speed up the configuration process each time you power on the board, you can save the register configuration from the registers page. 

    Then you can just load the file by using the register load button. There is more information on this in section 4.6.4 in the EVM user's guide. 

    Best Regards, 

    Justin Beigel

  • Hello Justin

    Thank you for your reply.

    I'm still wondering how we could manage that some of the EVM could save the settings even after power down. I have some EVM's on my desk, which have different settings stored (not the standard values). I definitely somehow could (coincidentally ?) save my prefered settings through the configuration menu, but it somehow happens just by chance. Roughly I would say it happenbs that per 50 times changing the configuration, it keeps it once, but I don't have any idea for what reason, because the procedure is always the same.

    Do you have indea how this is possible?

    PS: I know the possibility to load the register file, however, we would like to run the EVM with our specific settings but without any PC.

    Thank you and best regards,


  • Hello Ronny, 

    Are these all LDC2114EVM boards? My best guess is that some of them would be on a different firmware version which may have a different default configuration set by the MSP portion of the board. 

    If you need to run without the PC, you could use a custom MCU to control the LDC2114 and write your desired configuration at power on. 

    Best Regards, 

    Justin Beigel

  • Hello Justin,

    Yes, these are all LDC2114EVM and the stored configuration settings are definitely not the default settings, but my own settings (gain settings for each channel are different). And this happened not only with one board, I have at least 3pcs. of LDC2114EVM boards here, with my own specific configurations. Only by doing a firmware upgrade, the settings will be restored to the deafault (Gain 30 or 40, depending on firmware version). However, it always just coincidentally happened, that it kept the settings. That's why I assumed, that it should be normal to keep the settings even after powering down. 

    Btw, my colleague (electronic engineer) figured out exactly the same behaviour.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Ronny, 

    This isn't an intended feature for the EVM so I don't have a way for you to consistently do this without using a different MCU portion. 

    I haven't been able to replicate this on my side. Is there a specific procedure you follow when programming the device with the GUI? Also, is anything other than gain staying between powering? 

    Thank you, 

    Justin Beigel

  • Hello Justin

    Yes, I was also able to change settings like LC resonant frequency, Base-tracking Increment, enabling/disabling channels.

    Unfortunatelly I can't tell you the exact sequence how this was possible and I think it actually just happens very randomly because my procedure to change the settings is more or less always the same as described in my first post. But since we were able to change the settings very randomly, we thought this might be a bug and there may be a solution (new firmware?) to solve this matter.

    Btw. regarding firmware: I upgraded the firmware on some of our LDC2114EVM with the version which is in the folder C:\ti\Sensing Solutions EVM GUI-1.10.0\EVM Firmware\LDC2114\EVM_LDC2114.txt. I was doing this upgrade in order to see if above proplem might be solved. The upgrade was succefull and default settings are a bit different than the one which were originally stored within the board (e.g. Gain 40 for each channel which was originally 30). The upgrade didn't change the behaviour of saving the setting when powering down, but with this firmware I'm figuring out another problem: Some of the force touch LED's are not running anymore, specifically it's the LED D3, D4 and D6. The same here, I tried this upgrade on several boards, with the same result. Could you please send me the original firmware in order to downgrade the borads again? I only have the firmware availlable which is delivered with the EVM GUI v1.10.0.

    Thank you and best regards,


  • Hello, 

    Thanks for the clarification. 

    In regards to firmware, the D3-6 still work but they have a different functionality in the latest firmware. This E2E thread highlights the differences: 

    If you want to revert to the original EVM firmware, the text file is also included in that thread. 

    Best Regards, 

    Justin Beigel