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Part Number: AWR1843AOP


I am using awr1843aop with lab0014_obstacle_detection_aop in automotive toolbox.

When i enter sensorstart command, it works for a while. Then it stop working.

Then appear "MSS Exception: ../mss_main.c, line 2049." in my terminal.

I followed mss_main.c, line 2049. That was a kind of error message defined in sdk.

I don't know the reason why this error happen. But i guess that Number of detected points exceed the limitation.

I used GUI called ods_3d_visualizer TI served. And figure out what timing sensor stop.

I defined "ODSDEMO_MAX_OBJECTS = 65" (default = 50). However, it stops when the number of objects exceeds 65.

I don't understand why the output number of objects is exceeded 65.

TI blocked this situation by coding like this.

"if (cfarOut->numObjDetected > ODSDEMO_MAX_OBJECTS)

Please let me know why this situation happening.

  • Hi,

    Number of objects can vary based on reflection quality of objects available in the scene.

    Here ODSDEMO_MAX_OBJECTS condition used, as this same MACRO is used to define the ODSDEMO_detectionCFAR_output elements (array size).

    Increasing this value (ODSDEMO_MAX_OBJECTS), wil impact the memory requirement of the DSS application.

    so either you increase this value or increase the threshold to limit the detected objects.



  • Thank you for reply

    If i define DESMEMO_MAX_OBJECTS value to 65, number of output objects should be less than 65, isn't it?

    But my situation is that as soon as number of output objects exceed 65, sensor stopped.

  • Hi,

    Are you getting BSS CPU Fault with 65 object value change?

    In that could you read CPU fault payload data from mailbox

    Could you take memory snapshot for these locations using CCS when this error happens

    From MSS core: 0xF0601000, 0xF0602000, 0xF0606000, 0xF0607000 (60bytes range for each memory locations).



  • Hi,

    I clicked "This resolved my issue" as mistake.

    Anyway, I tried to take memory snapshot, But i'm not good at deal with CCS debug cause i'm begginer.

    If you know tutorial related to dealing with CCS debug, please let me know.

    I reproduced same situation at the debug mode.

    I got the message from console like this.


    [C674X_0] Heap L1 : size 14336 (0x3800), free 12288 (0x3000)
    Heap L2 : size 49152 (0xc000), free 38752 (0x9760)
    Heap L3 : size 983040 (0xf0000), free 670688 (0xa3be0)
    A0=0x0 A1=0x0
    A2=0x0 A3=0x0
    A4=0x0 A5=0x418
    A6=0xbd A7=0x10000
    A8=0x2 A9=0x81f19c
    A10=0x18000a0 A11=0x1800040
    A12=0x1800040 A13=0x7f3418
    A14=0x0 A15=0x81f518
    A16=0x44a4321 A17=0x0
    A18=0x952e9851 A19=0xc70f67fa
    A20=0x0 A21=0x0
    A22=0x55276f65 A23=0x5ee2afa8
    A24=0xed7da5dc A25=0xb17eaadc
    A26=0x238aa17d A27=0xee6080c
    A28=0xd0400878 A29=0xb28e34d
    A30=0x8159a8 A31=0x800c60
    B0=0xdc B1=0x0
    B2=0xdc B3=0x7ff674
    B4=0x8150e4 B5=0x0
    B6=0x7f302c B7=0x81e5d8
    B8=0x0 B9=0x8150dc
    B10=0x18000a0 B11=0x1800040
    B12=0x1 B13=0x7f302c
    B14=0x1 B15=0x7f302c
    B16=0x81f518 B17=0x81d57e
    B18=0xf03d90 B19=0x7f8cd0
    B20=0x81f4bc B21=0x1a
    B22=0xf B23=0x1
    B24=0x1 B25=0xf03d98
    B26=0xf03d28 B27=0x2
    B28=0x1800040 B29=0x7f3418
    B30=0x81d5f0 B31=0x803e24
    Exception at 0xdc
    EFR=0x2 NRP=0xdc
    Internal exception: IERR=0x1
    Instruction fetch exception
    {module#23}: line 256: error {id:0xb0000, args:[0x803e24, 0xdc]}
    xdc.runtime.Error.raise: terminating execution
    [Cortex_R4_0] xdc.runtime.Main: "../mss_main.c", line 2050: assertion failure
    xdc.runtime.Error.raise: terminating execution


    I think the size of memory is sufficient.

    I don't know this information is helpful to solve this problem.

  • I'm confuse a bit, title says BS CPU Fault and here you mentioned MSS Assertion.

    Could you see what is that assertion: mss_main.c# 2050

    And to take memory dump what I have requested in my last reply:

    you need to connect o MSS core, goto menu View->Memory Browser, it will open a window. In this window text field you need to write above memory address and take screen snapshot for each memory addresses one by one when above error happens