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TDC1000-C2000EVM: TDC1000-C2000EVM

Part Number: TDC1000-C2000EVM
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Hello, I am using the evaluation board TDC1000-C2000EVM for the application of liquid level measurement. I downloaded Code Composer Studio 10.4.0. I found the source code of the device F28035, and I want to know which piece of code finally calculated the ultrasonic propagation time.

  • Hello,

    I am not sure what specific piece of code is conducting the calculations for TOF measurements as I have not looked at the source code before. Fortunately, the TDC1000 creates the start and stop pulses for the microcontroller, so it should be reasonably easy to identify.

    In looking at the EVM schematic, it seems the signals are being monitored at GPIO11 (pin 49 of the C2000 device)

    You should be able to use this information to find the specific piece of the code using data from GPIO11 in the microcontroller code.

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  • There is a lot of sample code here, and I would like to ask where the code snippet you are describing might be in the following image.

  • Hello,

    The code here is not the source code for the EVM, but rather software examples for the F28035.

    Therefore, I would not expect to find the specific piece of code that calculates the TOF measurement here.

    The operation for TOF measurement should be a timer that starts and stops when a specified GPIO pin changes states. 



  • So where should I get the source code for this EVM?

  • Hello again,

    We are unable to provide the source code for our EVMs.

    This is in effort to protect the software used in our projects.

    The lack of source code is typically fine for most customer applications as customers often seek software development in their own unique systems.

    Furthermore, EVM source code is usually created in a way to enable the GUI/other EVM operations to operate properly. These are characteristics we would not expect customers to utilize in their own custom solutions. 

    Devices like the PGA460 have internal timers and register-configurable signal chain elements. This can make the system easier to develop, plus we have code examples available to customers.

    Thank you,