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Part Number: DRV5013
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV5012, DRV5011

Hi I'm looking at the DRV5013 Hall Sensor, if it detects a magnetic field the output switches from High to low. Does Texas do a similar hall sensor  that when it detects a magnetic field it switches from low to high ?

We want to use it in a switch so when the sensor detects a magnet it switches high. 

  • DRV5013 is a Hall-effect latch.  A device of this type will switch low when presented with a field directed upward from the bottom of the PCB, and will release when presented with a field directed downward towards the PCB.

    Many Hall-effect devices are open drain, and therefore require a pull-up resistor.  The release state is fairly standard to see as a high voltage.  For your application, it would be possible to orient a magnet to move near the sensor so that your off state will be high.  It is a matter of positioning the magnet so that the proper vector direction is observed in each state. While this is possible by rotating the magnet, this is not necessary.  Notice that the field vector wraps around the magnet and a horizontal shift can result in a direction change.  The downside here is that in the off condition there will be a continual current draw through the pull-up resistor for this device.

    There are push-pull devices such as DRV5011 and DRV5012 which you might use for this same effect without needing to drive the pull-up low while off.

    Another alternative is to use a Hall-effect switch, which will toggle when presented with a magnetic field.  Unipolar switches are sensitive to a specific polarity, and omnipolar switches are sensitive to either polarity and will toggle when the magnitude is greater than BOP.  These will release when the magnetic field is below a specific magnitude (BRP).  All of the devices we offer are active low, however.  So for this to produce the output you are asking for you would need to have the magnet present in the off condition or to place an inverter on the output.