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TMAG5231:I want to verify the same magnetic detection range as TMAG5231 using TMAG5328EVM

Part Number: TMAG5231
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMAG5328EVM, TMAG5328

I would like to use TMAG5328EVM to verify the same magnetic detection range as TMAG5231. What kΩ should I set the variable resistor R13 of TMAG5328EVM to for an approximate evaluation?

  • Hi user4863518,

    The TMAG5328 can have its BOP set to match the 2.85 mT BOP of the TMAG55231B1D or the 3 mT BOP of the TMAG5231C1G, but it cannot have its BOP set to the 40 mT BOP of the TMAG5231H1D since that is outside the 2 to 15 mT BOP range of the TMAG5328.  To set the BOP to 2.85 mT, connect a 2.85 kΩ resistor between the ADJ pin and GND.  If you want to set the BOP to 3 mT, connect a 3 kΩ resistor instead.  Section 4.1.3 of the TMAG5328 EVM User’s Guide has more details on how to configure the EVM to connect this resistor.

    Please note though that there a few differences between the two devices that could prevent the TMAG5328 from emulating the results you would see with the TMAG5231.  First, the TMAG5328 has a hysteresis of 1 mT.  However, the TMAG5231C1G has a hysteresis of 0.8 mT, and the TMAG5231B1D has a hysteresis of 1.35 mT.  As a result, the BRP point would be different between the devices.

    In addition, the location of the sensing elements within the device is different, which would cause the devices to see different magnetic flux densities if a magnet is a fixed distance with respect to the devices.  Figure 8-6 below shows the location of the sensing element within the two package options of the TMAG5231 while Figure 8-7 shows the location of the sensing element within the TMAG5328:




  • Hi user4863518,

    Can you also mention what application is this for?  Also, how is the TMAG5328 being used in this application?

    Thank you,


  • Hi, Mekre.

    Thank you for your answer.
    I will verify the above reference.
    The application is to wake up the microcontroller in the IoT module from deep sleep.
    The application will be used to turn off/on when magnetic detection is made.