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FDC2214: The detection for FDC2214

Part Number: FDC2214


We use the FDC2214 in the mechanical arm for the satefy protection, and we measures its LC oscillation frequency to recogize the obstacle,

We need the proximity sensing to measure the more than 15cm effective distance for the protection function; 

now, we set the full range about 2.5*10^7Hz, and the minimum scale is 4000Hz, now, because the noise of the mechanical arm( Like EMI and so on),

there are larger than +/-2000Hz noise that it is influence the testing precision and the effective distance is less than 15cm;

Pleaes kindly advise how to remove the noise, thanks.

  • Zhang,

    There may be a couple of things to consider.

    1. It sounds like the FDC2214 sensor is mounted in the moving mechanical arm.
      If this is true, is it possible that vibrations in the mechanical arm are causing vibrations in the FDC2214 sensor, which in turn causes the noise?
    2. You mentioned "full range about 2.5*10^7Hz, and the minimum scale is 4000Hz". Are these are the max and min frequencies of the excitation?
      If so, they are out of the recommended range of the exciter. 


  • Hi John,

    1. Yes, we vibrations it on the mechanical arm for the protection of obstacle avoidance, and we consider the noise is from the electomagnetic signal, and the speed of the arm is slow because it is the cooperation robot;

    2. Please kindy suggest that the full range of the LC frequecy and we will test again, thanks.

  • Zhang,

    Can you describe more about their system?
    What is the entire movement range they need to detect in terms of max and min distances?
    Can they provide a description of their sensor and the target, like their dimensions and the materials they are made of?
    What is the min and max capacitance range of their sensor?
    What are the EMI sources and frequencies they care about most?

    One thing the customer should know is that EMI can be very challenging for the FDC2xxx parts, even with grounded or active shielding.