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NFC-DATALOGGER-EVM: Not able to use NFC Logger

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I recently purchased NFC_DATALOGGER-EVM. As written in datasheet device comes preprogrammed I plugged in a new CR2032 battery and tried using it with my phone (ONEPLUS 6). At starting it didn't work at all, so i thought to reprogram the device so I purchased MSP-FET for it. After connecting the device as per reference sheet I was able to program the device and started the device in debugging mode with letting it run without any breakpoints. At that time I was able to detect the device 2 times but I was not able to write to the device to start the logger. After trying 2 times, I am not able to detect the device either in debug mode or in normal mode. Also whenever I put the device in debug mode and let it run for sometime and then pause debugger it stops at following line:

__bis_SR_register(LPM3_bits + GIE); //go to low power mode and enable interrupts. Here we are waiting for an RF read or write

Which I think is perfectly fine and shows that code is running properly but I am not able to understand why I am not able to scan the device using my phone NFC and write to the device. 

Now I am stuck at this and not able to figure out how to solve this, kindly help me figure out what is the issue.


Jeevant Sah

  • Hello Jevant,

    Yes, I would also expect that the debugger will mostly be at the line of code holding the device in LPM3 until ready for the next measurement or an NFC communication starts.  Do you know if the ONEPLUS 6 is fully supporting the ISO14443B standard?  Have you checked with another phone or other NFC reader device?  This could be an issue with the phone reader/writer.  I do not believe the ONEPLUS 6 has been tested with this device.  

  • Hello Eddie,

    As I mentioned in question, phone was able to detect the logger and was able to read the welcome message of the logger two times at the starting but after that it was not working. Also I have other tags with the same standard and they are detected when brought near to the phone.

  • Jeevant - 

    From what I could find on this phone in a teardown, the NFC transceiver may be PN532 based, which may have had issues with ISO14443B (I see they list NXP part that may have been cell phone only and just relabeled. I think they discuss it in terms of lack of anti-collision support - anyway- while related is a completely separate topic - regardless of the many other technical pitfalls possible  - can you try reading it with another app, like NFC TagInfo, that would be helpful, and some of the other tags you are using, just to check that this phone can or cannot . - also, if you can provide the binary you reprogrammed with, that may also be helpful to make sure you have not disabled the EVM by taking the steps that you did so far.  

  • Hi Josh,

    Thanks for clarification, I tried with other device (iPhone 12) and it worked properly without any issue. I guess OnePlus 6 does have some issue with this standard.