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AWR6843AOPEVM: Wrong ADC-RAW data size capturing through mmW Studio, and another feasible capture solution.

Part Number: AWR6843AOPEVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MMWAVEICBOOST, DCA1000EVM

Hi, TI team,

Q1. I'm using mmWave Studio tool to capture ADC RAW data for our software simulation. All my HW setup (AWR6843AoPEVM + MMWAVEICBOOST + DCA1000 boards) and the corresponding capturing data configurations follow the steps in "Raw Data Capture for XWR6843 Device Using DCA1000 Board and mmWave Studio".

But I find the captured RAW data size always have only 1/3 size as I expect. I guess the mmWave Studio only record one of the TX data. Following figures show my configurations, would you please tell me does something goes wrong?

Q2. I want to know that if possible to capture ADC RAW data using same HW configuration but shift to use mmWave-Demo Visualizer tool?

Looking forward for your guidance.



  • Hi, there:

    You are programming only one chirp that enabled TX1.   So, you can follow this following e2e thread regarding how to program 3 TX in TDM MIMO mode:

    The OOB demo support LVDS streaming, you can find the information on SDK users guide section 3.2.2.  However, you will need to connect to DCA1000 and send command to DCA1000 through DCA1000 CLI interface to start and end data capture.  OOB visualizer can not be used for this purpose.  You can check more details on radar studio release package under C:\ti\mmwave_studio_02_01_01_00\mmWaveStudio\ReferenceCode\DCA1000\Docs



  • Hi,

    Sorry for the late reply. I have tried again according to your suggestions and successfully capture ADC-RAW data both through mmW-Studio and mmW-Demo. It helps a lot, very thank you!

    And may I ask a further question? Currently, I connect my AoP to the MMWAVEICBOOST + DCA1000 boards to capture RAW, and I find that there is another way, which is AoP + DCA1000 board only, (which describe in doc. "swru546d_2: User’s Guide 60GHz mmWave Sensor EVMs", 4.8.2 DCA1000EVM Mode of xWR6843AOPEVM Rev G) is this board connection method also support ADC-RAW capture through mmW-Studio and mmW-Demo?



  • Hi, Shihyu:

    Sorry for the delay.  I just came back from my vacation.   Yes, the new AOP EVM will be able to connect DCA1000 directly and support raw data capture through radar studio the same way. 



  • No worry, Zigang. You indeed help me a lot. Thank you!