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AWR1243: AWR1243BOOST: mmwave-example-nonos is running in MCU, it controls AWR1243, the example sdk stopeed at SensorStart?

Part Number: AWR1243

board : 4AWR1243 (AWRx Cascaded Radar RF Evaluation Module)+ARM MCU ,Connection between External Processor MCU  and master AWR1243 .

SPI_CLK_1 SPI_CS_1 MOSI_1  MISO_1   SOP Control:  functional mode, as TDO =1, SYNC_OUT = 0, PMIC_CLKOUT = 0


mmwave-example-nonos is running in MCU  ,using the functional SOP mode, so SOP 2/1  0V , SOP 0  3.3V before the nRST goes high.

HI,we have solved this problem and got ACK from AWR1243,it goes well untill  Sensorstart commond, 

   mmwl_bSensorStarted = 0U;
    retVal = rlSensorStart(deviceMap);
    if ((rfDevCfg.aeControl & 0x1) == 0x0)
        while (mmwl_bSensorStarted == 0U)
            osiSleep(1); /*Sleep 1 msec*/
            if (timeOutCnt > MMWL_API_RF_INIT_TIMEOUT)
                retVal = RL_RET_CODE_RESP_TIMEOUT;
I can't got a mmwl_bSensorStarted  ACK?please help me what's the probelm ,PS:AWR1243 CSI2 lane isn't connected with MCU, does it afftect?