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PGA970: URGENT : Verification failed: Values at address 0x00000000 do not match Please verify target memory and memory map

Part Number: PGA970

Hello , I designed and manufactured PCBs featuring PGA970 , I have 4 boards , 2 of them were programmed and working perfectly using CCS version 10.0.1 and compiler V5.2.8.

I configured the Target configuration exactly as the software quick guide of the PGA970 , and I Ran Integration test before launching the configuration file and It succeeded as follows :


[Start: Texas Instruments XDS2xx USB Debug Probe_0]

Execute the command:

%ccs_base%/common/uscif/dbgjtag -f %boarddatafile% -rv -o -S integrity


-----[Print the board config pathname(s)]------------------------------------


-----[Print the reset-command software log-file]-----------------------------

This utility has selected a 560/2xx-class product.
This utility will load the program 'xds2xxu.out'.
The library build date was 'May 7 2020'.
The library build time was '20:23:44'.
The library package version is ''.
The library component version is ''.
The controller does not use a programmable FPGA.
The controller has a version number of '13' (0x0000000d).
The controller has an insertion length of '0' (0x00000000).
This utility will attempt to reset the controller to enter SWD mode.

-----[Print the reset-command hardware log-file]-----------------------------

This emulator does not create a reset log-file.

-----[Perform the SWD Mode Integrity test]-----------------------------------

This test will read the IDCODE register 1 time.

The IDCODE register value is 0x0bb11477.

The SWD Mode Integrity test has succeeded.

[End: Texas Instruments XDS2xx USB Debug Probe_0]


When I program the other 2  using the same code a target configuration file with the same configurations I get the following 

but I don't get the green resume symbol which allows me to resume the run and therefore the GPIO doesn't light and I don't get any outputwaveforms as if the IC hasn't been programmed.

so I disconnected the Programmer and connected it again , and tried again to launch the configuration file and connect to target , this time I get the following error

I am sure that the IC isn't damaged , since it's regulators are all functioning properly : Analog and Digital & also I can read the registers of the IC using CCS

but something is going wrong making me can't program these two boards although I am using exactly same PCB design and the same code, do you know any reasons behind these errors ? I tried reaching the pdf for Data verification but I receive this site is under maintenance error.

This is what i receive when I connect target

These are my Program/Memory Settings

These are my Autorun settings

I tried measuring the voltage on the reset pin it's 2.7V 

What might be the problem , please?

Thank you very much in advance,

Amr Wael